Vilcabamba Update


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Writing from our new home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador to wish you a happy holiday and great 2015.

I just discovered a new film seeking crowdfunding and thought it might be of interest to subscribers. Here is a link to The Blindspot, a film on igniting collective intelligence to solve many of our most pressing issues and to restore the immense power of the people when united.


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Breakthrough 2014!

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The minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change. 
~ Marilee Zdenek

Hi Subscribers!

Just a quick note to say thank you for being a subscriber to NPD. I hope you have received some real value from your being here. 2013 set some new records for good things happening and I suspect 2014 with be a quantum leap year for planetary transformation. We will continue to monitor and report on the blossoming.

We are continuing to work on our new platform and book series and look forward to sharing the first expression next year.

In the meantime, here’s a little gift I suspect you’ll enjoy.

All the best,

The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. 
~ Eleanor Roosevelt




Help Linda Help 5 Million Children and 8 Million Adults in the Philippines

The immensity of the tragic typhoon is hard to grasp. Here is one way to help that can multiply your contribution with a high integrity humanitarian and international corporate liaison with time tested programs that deliver.





The need is immediate: With your help, “Be the Change” is rebuilding shattered lives in the Philippines. Of the over 13 million people devastated by the storm, nearly five million are children already on the brink of malnutrition. Your contributions go directly toward providing children, women and families long lasting solutions. Solutions that will put them back on their feet, not just for a few days or weeks, but for years to come.

Be The Change is spearheading well-researched, life sustaining projects that restore human dignity and economic vibrancy to the traumatized areas of the Philippines. 


$4 – $49: Provide a hand up by replacing everyday essentials like cooking utensils, blankets, clothing, books, school uniforms, shoes and toys for children so life can go on.

$50 – $500: Help a family restart a lost business or start a new one, for example, fund the purchase of a washing machine for a small laundry business, fund a small café out of their homes, purchase fish for a fish farm, replace high value crops to grow and ultimately sell to local restaurants or purchase lost tools for a construction business that will start rebuilding all the lost homes.

$500 – $10,000+: Help to rebuild a community by funding multiple small businesses, rebuild a damaged boat used for fishing vessel, or fund essential means of transport such as a motorbike, to enable produce, supplies and equipment to reach its destination.


Our goal is to not only provide survivors with the physical tools they need, but also to provide them with the financial tools and entrepreneurial skills that they require to sustain their lives and businesses. Our corporate and business mentors provide long-term marketing, financial and business advice that will support them for years to come.

WE’LL CONNECT YOU TO THEIR STORIES. Follow the journey of the families. You will receive regular updates on the individuals and communities your funds are helping.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: 1. Donate today. 2. Tell your friends about “Be The Change: Typhoon Haiyan Philippines”



Be the Change is spearheaded by veteran humanitarian aid worker and international corporate liaison, Linda Cruse. Her tireless and effective aid work on the front lines of post-tsunami Thailand, post earthquake-devastated Pakistan, in the high mountain nomadic areas and other hard hit regions has earned Ms. Cruse international acclaim. She has forged relationships with some of the world’s most renowned influential figures such as HH The Dalai Lama, HRH Prince Charles, Sir Richard Branson and with international companies, NGOs and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Find out more about Linda and her inspiring credentials at


Visionary Author Joe Simonetta’s ONE, FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM


Joe Simonetta was at Harvard Divinity School taking his final exams and was told his senior thesis, required for graduation, on a new inclusive world religion was rejected. With only a few days left in the term, he asked what books were required to be incorporated into a new thesis, read them all, and resubmitted his thesis. It was accepted and he graduated with his class. That thesis became a book that was ultimately published by Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God. Neale told Joe that his book was so compelling that he found himself turning the corner of almost every page to include those ideas in his upcoming talks.

That book, Seven Words That Can Change the World has been revised by Joe to become One, For The Third Millennium. The book covers a wide range of topics concisely and offers a simple formula that anyone can apply to live a life that contributes to a sustainable world. The book contains the simplest, easiest to follow and best thought through ideas on how to live a life that contributes to a fulfilling life and sustainable world I’ve read. and Joe invites New Paradigm Digest subscribers to download it free at his website, At the site, you can also inexpensively download the e-book or a print copy should you want to give one of these as a gift after reading it. The book is particularly worthwhile for any young person who may feel overwhelmed by the current situation in the world and is looking for an intelligent and compassionate view of life.


American Visionary

Eras and areas of divisiveness, such as we are in now, are often places and times where people congregate for meaningful communication. These occurrences are analogous to what biologists call an “ecotone.” An ecotone is an area of transition between “ecological communities.”

The biologists say that many of the most interesting things happen in an ecotone. A beach–the meeting of land and sea-is an ecotone. A beach is a zone of play, integration, change interaction, conflict, turbulence, commotion and… transformation.

We’re in such a place in time now–time of major transition and transformation.

What will this mean for our future? For answers we look to visionaries who have demonstrated their clarity. One such prophetess is Barbara Marx Hubbard.

What does she foresee?

For that answer I am delighted to share the trailer of a new movie aimed at PBS that will chronicle the great transformation happening on Earth today, through the life story of Barbara, one of the world’s most influential visionaries.

It’s called American Visionary. And now we have the opportunity to help create this independent, transformational documentary film through an Indiegogo Campaign that is currently running. When you contribute to American Visionary you help fund the film’s edit and get special access to behind-the-scenes previews and more.

And more importantly, you will be part of the support for the positive choices and outcomes available during this transition through the ecotone.

Watch the short inspiring fundraising trailer, which features Barbara along with other transformational leaders. You can help imagine and create a new vision of humanity’s future that will uplift generations to come.

You can screen the trailer now at:

We must all play our respective roles in the most critical transition in human history. Imagine if this film plays on PBS and inspires millions of viewers to participate!