Some Important Nutritional Value of Beef with Health


Some important nutritional value of beef with health

Beef is a type of meat which it is often consumed in every meal of most of the families. In some opinions, it is the most expensive meat. Both adults and kids like to eat this meat so much. Beef has a good taste and delicious to enjoy. Moreover, beef is also the first choice of many housewives. In fact, they can cook the variety dishes from this meat. Generally, there are a lot of ideas to cook with beef. It is not only to have a good dish but also to bring some nutritional value for health. You like to eat beef because it is delicious. Perhaps, you also know that it is good for health when eating beef. But, you do not often care the nutrient contents in beef. Thus, I will share this information with you. It will provide some knowledge relating to beef ingredients. I believe that you can get the full nutrition information about this favorite food.

 Important Nutritional Value of Beef with Health

In our health, all animal meats play an important role. Thus, we need to add them to our diets. They take part in the formation, the replacement and disposal of the cells in the body. There are 4 beef ingredients which they are the most important for a good health. They include protein, vitamin, minerals, and fats. You will get more detailed explanation about these nutrients contents in beef as follows:

  1. Protein

In any daily diet, our body needs to add protein. Surely, we will find out protein in all kinds of meat. However, protein in beef has the high nutrition content.  Protein accounted for 30 %. This nutritional ingredient is an essential component for the functions. They are to build muscle, maintain organs, and bring a strong skin, hair as well as nails. Beef is a great source of protein. It is the high quality of protein. There are a lot of necessary amino acids which the body will be used.  Additionally, beef contains linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid. These acids can prevent and against cancer and other pathogens significantly.

Containing a lot of high quality protein in beef

  1. Vitamin

Besides, beef contains the high protein content. It is a food which has a rich of many vitamins. They include vitamins B12, B6, thiamin, and pantothenic acid. In the case, you are following a vegetarian diet. Your body will often lack vitamin B12. Thus, you need to add it via some types of the suitable fruits and vegetables. Look at some reasons why vitamin B12 is important for the development of the body:

Including vitamin B12 and B6 in beef

  • The main role of vitamin B12 is to produce the red blood cells;
  • Moreover, this vitamin will support the functions of nerve cells. Especially, it also affects the production process of myelin. This helps the action of nerve system better. Thus, the body lacks of vitamin B12 it will affect directly our memory and the brain functions.
  • Also, the body will reduce some risks of heart disease or the problem in the formation of blood.
  1. Mineral

All functions in the body work properly thanks to minerals a lot. In this food, it is also a rich source of many vital minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium. When comparing with the minerals in vegetables, iron and zinc in beef seem to absorb easier.

  1. Fat

We should not add a lot of saturated fat in the diet. However, the saturated animal fat can contribute some essential functions in our health. In beef, there is a rich of fat content. To reduce this, we can apply the different ways to cook. All dishes are also delicious and have the attractive taste. Round steaks, roasts, briskets and chuck roasts are the typical examples.

Great Effects of Beef

Beef is a food which it can bring some benefits for our health. You will know the great effects of beef when referring to this information below:

  1. Preventing Anemia

Need to eat beef to prevent anemia

Many people still said that eating beef is blood tonic. It is right. Most of the red meat always contains a lot of iron. So it will help the body recover quickly. Anemia is a common disease with those who work a lot. Besides, this case also often occurs in children. Normally, anemia will have the obvious signs such as weakness and fatigue. At this time, the body needs to add iron. Eating beef is a good choice. According to a recent study shows that the iron in beef is better than drinking iron drug.

  1. Maintaining Muscle

In a healthy lifestyle, eating beef regularly or source of high quality protein will help maintain muscles effectively. It will contribute to developing our muscles.

  1. Necessary for Those Who Exercising

Essential food for those who exercising

With the exercise, they are the athletes. Beef helps increase exercise capacity. This food is high in carnosine. So it will reduce fatigue and improve the performance during exercise effectively. Especially, you want to improve your muscle through exercise. You should eat beef. This is a reasonable food for your selection. For the elderly, eating beef also supports muscle a lot.

Although beef is a good food we should not eat every day with the unlimited quality. This will make your body face the risk of cardiovascular disease, excess fat, cancer….. It is better to eat no more than 100 gram of beef for a week. Beef contains high cholesterol. So it can cause some dangerous diseases to health if you eat them too much.

In short, beef is a part of a diet. It contains a lot of important nutritional value which the body needs. 4 ingredients in this writing are considered very important for a good health. All of them are a great source of nutrition. This food is a delicious and good taste to enjoy. However, it must depend on your body’s needs and your age. From there, you will have a suitable plan to add this food to the body. In fact, we can not eat beef a lot as you like. Besides, beef also has some positive effects on health. This is really a good food which you should eat.

Do You Know The Nutrition Information of Egg?


The nutrition information of egg

The egg is not only a cheap food but also very delicious to eat. Most of the people like to eat egg. Even, the egg is a favorite food of many small kids. Moreover, this food has a high nutritional value. It provides a great source of nutrients for the body. They include protein, vitamin, minerals, enzymes, and hormone. Especially, the ratio of nutritional ingredients in egg interacts with each other very suitable and balanced. Thus, this will create a good condition for a healthy body. You eat the egg a lot but perhaps you do not know its nutrition information exactly. Through this writing, I hope that you will get the meaningful knowledge to know about the nutrition of egg. Please take your time to read it if the egg is your favorite food, right!

Three Most Important Nutritional Components in Eggs

Egg includes yolks and whites. Most of the nutrients concentrate in the yolk. According to an analysis by the nutrition experts, there are about 13.6% of protein, 29.8% of fat, and 1.6% of minerals in an egg. With the white, it is mostly water. It has 10.3% of protein. And there is very little fat and minerals. You will know three most important nutritional components in eggs with some following contents:

  • Protein

As you know, an egg is considered a complete protein because it contains 9 essential amino acids. Also, there are about 6 grams of quality protein and 14 main nutrients. The egg will provide the necessary energy for all daily activities. Therefore, an egg is a natural selection for a good health and active lifestyle. Of course, this protein content is very important for the body. Your body will use this egg’s nutrition for some functions such as:



The highest quality protein in egg for a good health

  • Firstly, the healthy muscles will need a lot of protein. The highest quality protein in egg can build and maintain your muscles very well;
  • Besides, this nutrition is very effective to create and repair both tissue and cells for the body;
  • Also, it helps keep the balance of body fluids. This is very necessary and affects the metabolism;
  • On the other hands, to grow hair and nails strongly, our body need to have protein from egg;

Protein in an egg to grow the strong hair

  • Finally, the protein having the egg will help against infections.

Actually, other foods contain a variety of protein source. Depending on age and gender, our body will need the different level of protein. So to have a healthy and balanced diet, we must eat egg in the right way. It means that we will get protein from other products such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Omega-3

Why does your body need omega 3? It is good for health. Omega 3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat. It is a healthy fat and helps protect the heart. Basically, our bodies need this nutrition. However, the body can create it automatically. So, we have to add it via the foods. Omega 3 has a lot in egg, salmon, nuts, and types of oils. To receive rich of omega 3 from the egg, we should choose omega 3 egg. You will see some labels of egg in a grocery store. The label is written with omega 3 egg. Surely, it is different from the normal eggs which you still buy on the market. Omega 3 eggs are produced by the foods from the hens. All hens’ diet will eat flaxseed. The natural flaxseed contains alpha-linolenic acid. It is a source of omega 3 fatty acid.


Rich of omega 3 from an egg

  • Cholesterol

Perhaps you listen to a lot of opinions of someone that we should not eat the egg a lot. This can lead to some heart disease because of much cholesterol in the yolk. But it is not correct. According to the American Heart Association, lutein in yolk can protect our health to avoid heart disease early. This Association also gave an advice that a healthy adult can eat an egg for every day. It is good for health. And this does not increase the risk of heart disease.

Some Notes When Eating Eggs

Some necessary notes to eat the egg properly

Eggs have a lot of nutrition. It does not mean that we can eat them for many different reasons. To bring the benefits from eating this food, you need to know some notes below:

  • You should not cook egg too long. This will reduce the nutrition content in an egg. However, we should not eat the raw eggs. You sometimes can have some signs of poisoning. It is a reason of the storage of biotin. The common signs are vomiting, losing of appetite and inflammation of the tongue…
  • Eating the whites of an egg will affect the digestive system. It is the symptom of indigestion. In the whites, there are antitrypsin enzymes. They will do inhibitor of pancreatic and colorectal. These enzymes are destroyed if the egg is cooked to 80 degree Celsius.
  • Although egg does not increase the blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol these people should not eat an egg a lot. Through the US nutrition experts advised that these people only should eat from 2 to 3 eggs for a week.
  • Also, when eating egg we should eat more of fruits. Especially, the fruits have more vitamin C. This will help increase iron absorption for the body.
  • Finally, after eating eggs we should not drink tea. In fact, tea can reduce the absorption of iron.

In conclusion, eggs are one of the foods which they are regularly used in the meals of the families. Surely, it is delicious with many nutritional ingredients which they are good for the body’s needs. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in a small egg. I also mention three typical nutrition contents which they bring some benefits for our health. This nutrition information combines with some notes when eating egg. This will help you know how to eat egg properly. It is important because your body will get all nutrients from this common food. I think that this writing will provide the useful nutrition information relating to the egg for you. Hope you like this.

Nutritional Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables for Losing Weight

Nutritional ingredients in fruits and vegetables for losing weight

In each meal, we are not only to add some products from meat and fish but also to eat vegetables and fruits. Basically, vegetables and fruits are the nature’s fast foods. Even, we only wash and eat them without cooking. In fact, they are a part of a healthy eating plan. Many people like to eat vegetables and fruits with some personal purposes such as following the vegan diets and maintaining the healthy weight. In general, eating many fruits and vegetables will help the body prevent the risks of cancers as well as other chronic diseases. In addition, fruits and vegetables provide the basic vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other substances. They are extremely important for our health. Especially, they work to lose weight effectively. Now, I will mention the nutritional ingredients in fruits and vegetables for losing weight.

Nutritional Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables for Losing Weight

Eating more fruits and vegetables will enhance both the necessary vitamin and minerals for the body. This helps our body work all functions in the right way. Also, they can support a very effective weight loss. You will get some nutritional ingredients in these foods for your weight loss below:

  1. Offer Low-Fat And Low-Calorie

If you are following of dieting you will know this clearly. Your doctor always advises you to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of some products from meat. Normally, to lose weight, we should choose some foods which they have lower calorie. The water and fiber content in fruits and vegetables will help you feel full. At that time, they will add volume to the dishes. This will help eat less immediately. However, you offer with fewer calories. Many studies proved that most of fruits and vegetables have low fat and low calorie. But they add a lot of energy for health. Therefore, they are great foods for losing weight.

  1. Burn Fat

Burning fat effectively when eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Some types of fruits and vegetables can help the body burn much fat. Grapefruits are the typical example. This fruit will promote metabolism in the body. From there, it can create the stability of sugar in blood. So fat will burn a lot. You are diet. It does not mean that you must consume a lot of grapefruits every day. In some special cases, you must avoid to eating this fruit with any reasons when you are using some drugs to treat depression. It will increase the side effects.

Beyond that, you can use some vegetables to support your weight loss such as squash, celery, tomato…. With these vegetables, they contain the high fiber, low in calories. 100 g squash will provide about 12 kcal. In squash, it does not contain lipids. Thus, many people eat the vegetable to limit their weight gain.

Need to eat squash, celery, and tomato in your weight loss plan

  1. Some Other Nutrients in Fruits And Vegetables

Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables for your body’s needs

Besides, there are the essential ingredients in fruits and vegetables which they will limit on weight. These foods also contain other nutrients which our body needs. Here is a list of some vitamin as follows:

  • In fruits and vegetables, there are a lot of calcium which it is good for the healthy of bone and teeth. Moreover, the development of some parts in the body also needs calcium. They include muscles, nerves, and some glands;
  • Vitamin A also has in fruits and vegetables. This vitamin will keep eyes and skin well. Also, it is necessary for the normal function of protecting against infections;
  • Additionally, we must admit that vitamin C is a good source in these foods. Our health really needs vitamin C;
  • I am sure that your health is better to eat more fruits and vegetables. They contain iron. It needs for healthy blood and all cells;
  • Especially, there is magnesium when you eat fruits and vegetables. Your body will be added the necessary magnesium. It helps develop bones, involve with more than 300 enzymes of the body.

You are a vegan or dieter you still maintain a good health when eating many fruits and vegetables. They also have all important nutrients as in meat and fish. Even, many vegetarians can prevent some risks of blood pressure as well as heart disease.

Good Tips to Use Fruits And Vegetables to Lose Weight Properly

Health is very important. You want to lose weight. You need to work properly. Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the good ways to support. However, you need to use these foods scientifically. You can refer to the following tips. I believe that you will get the valuable information.

  1. How about Breakfast

You can eat a full bowl for breakfast. But you do not eat a lot of cereal instead of you use some fruits such as bananas, peaches, and strawberries. These fruits contain fewer calories. You have a habit of eating cheese and egg in the morning. You should substitute some vegetables like mushroom, spinach, and onions. These foods also create the good flavor to your dish.

A healthy breakfast with bananas, peaches, and strawberries

  1. How about Lunch

You can use tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers to replace for 2 ounces of meat in your soup. It is also better to eat vegetables to decrease calories for your lunch. In addition, you can eat more soup which it is cooked of broccoli, carrots, and some beans. They are the delicious foods and have a great taste. You are not hungry. It is a good condition for your weight loss.

  1. How about Dinner

You are removing some your favorite foods of a bowl of the rice and pasta. You will eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. They will ensure that you provide some necessary nutrients for your body. You should cut of chopped some types of vegetables to eat more.

In summary, you have many ways to lose weight. However, eating vegetables and fruits are the best tips.  Actually, there are a lot of the nutritional ingredients in vegetables and fruits. They can provide the necessary nutrients for your health. So, your body is still enough energy for the daily activities. I hope that you have a healthy body when using more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Great Benefits of Some Typical Cooking Oils

Great benefits of some typical cooking oils

When cooking, you often use some types of cooking oils. Normally, you only know that it helps your food be more delicious. You maybe do not know that cooking oil is one of the important energy sources for the body. Moreover, it also provides the basic fatty acids. Especially, there are many types of cooking oil on the market. This makes many users feel confused to choose the right type for their families. In fact, all of the cooking oils bring the different nutritional values. To have more information, I have a brief introduction relating to some great benefits. I hope that you will know the importance of cooking oil as well as choosing the right cooking oils in some foods.

Great Benefits of Some Typical Cooking Oils

Many available cooking oils on the market for the users’ choice

Today, many available cooking oils are the easy thing for housewives. They have several prices for the users’ needs. But, selecting the healthy cooking oil is not simple. Surely, we will find out some different factors of each type of oil. Smoke point, the combination of omega 3, fatty acids, and flavor are the typical examples. Now, you will understand more after looking at the following evidence:

  1. Groundnut Oil

You can use the groundnut oil in variety forms of cooking. It is suitable for frying, seasoning, and grilling. It is considered the healthy oil with some advantages as follows:

  • Groundnut oil also has the high content of mono as well as polyunsaturated fats. This contributes to reducing the bad cholesterol in our body. It is LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Besides, there is a good source of vitamin E in this type of cooking oil. This vitamin can protect the skin from acne effectively.
  1. Canola Oil

Canola oil has a neutral taste and light texture. So, some people like to use it for frying, grilling, and sautéing.  Canola oil does not overwhelm other flavors or affect the taste of other ingredients. In addition, omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids in the canola oil will maintain the level of good cholesterol. It also has 7 percent of saturated fat. This rate is suitable for user’s health. Thus, the canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils.

  1. Sunflower Oil

The sunflower oil also has polyunsaturated fat. It is good for health because it is extracted from 100% from the delicious sunflower seeds. There are the basic features of this oil below:

  • Sunflower oil contains less saturated fat. However, it can provide some essential fatty acids;
  • Additionally, it has the highest content of vitamin E. There is about 45 mg/ 100g of oil.
  • On the other hands, omega 6 works as an antioxidant. The combination of vitamin E and omega 6 have some benefits. They help the cells of the body retain water, prevent cancer, and enhance the immune system.
  1. Mustard Oil

Normally, some housewives still use the mustard oil to fry the foods. It has the special flavors. This brings a unique taste for the dishes. The mustard oil is not only to help change the taste for foods but also to bring some benefits for health such as:

  • Mustard oil uses as a stimulant to help digestive system and circulation easily;
  • Because of the antibacterial properties of this oil, it can protect the skin and hair well.

Helping protect the skin and hair with the mustard oil

  1. Olive Oil

In my opinion, I want to eat the salads and the appetizers which they are used with olive oil. It helps these foods become easier to eat. Moreover, it creates more attractive flavor for dishes. Especially, I like some great characteristics of olive oil. Here are some typical things which I want to mention:

  • With the saturated fatty acids, omega 3 acts as its anti-inflammatory properties. Surely, this is a healthy element of olive oil;
  • Vitamin, minerals, and proteins are good for hair and skin. Therefore, this oil is also used in some treatment which relating to care of hair and skin;
  • Besides, olive oil helps to support in calcium absorption.  It also reduces the level of LDL for the body.

Guiding to Choose Healthy Cooking Oils

Choosing the healthy cooking oils for all meals in the family

I just share 5 types of cooking oils. These oils are available on the market. But you can not buy all at the same time. You will spend a lot of money. Moreover, it is not necessary to do this. To choosing the healthy cooking oil, you should select the healthy fats ingredients of oils. As we know oils are made from the fatty acids. And these fatty acids have the specific chemical shapes. They make the different influence to our health. There are three types of the chemical shapes. They are classified as saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated. All fats will contain three types.

  • Firstly, the high saturated fats will always link with the cholesterol levels. It also contributes to increasing some risks of heart disease. So, we should not use this type of fat a lot;
  • Secondly, polyunsaturated fats help improve the levels of blood cholesterol. From there, it can support to reduce heart disease. Both omega 3 and omega 6 of polyunsaturated fats are good for our health. They are necessary for a healthy heart and some benefits of anti-inflammatory;
  • Finally, to replace for saturated fats, we can use monounsaturated fats. They have some ingredients which to bring the benefits for the human health. They are to improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce some problems of the heart.

Through this information, you should read the ingredients of cooking oils. You must avoid consuming a lot of saturated fats in your diets.

In short, now you can know that there are a lot of cooking oils to buy. And they are always to have the different prices. To have a good health, you should know how to choose the right oils for cooking. In this article, I explain three types of fats in the cooking oil. This will help you know what types of fats are good and bad for health. Also, 5 typical cooking oils are the great suggestions for your choice. I think that we need to know this information as soon as possible.

Important Nutritional Ingredients in Fish And Meat

Important nutritional ingredient in fish and meat

Why do we eat fish and meat in our meals? Because they have high nutrient content they are very necessary for health. In fact, fish and meat contain some essential nutrients such as protein and iron. But some people are vegetarians they can not eat the products from the animals. In this time, they must supplement and combine a lot of different foods to get the same nutrients. You eat fish and meat every day. So do you know what types of nutritional values of them? It is extremely important to know. You should know the nutritional needs of your body. From there, you will add properly. To do this, you need to get the information relating to the nutrients in these foods. Now, I will introduce the important nutritional ingredients in fish and meat. This knowledge will be useful for your life because you will know how to adjust your daily nutrition. Please take the time to read it, right!

Benefits As Well As Risks of Eating Fish and Meat

Benefits and risks of eating fish and meat

Although there are a lot of nutrients in fish and meat they also exit both benefits and risks for the human health. To understand more this, you can look at the following explanation.

  1. Benefit

Nutrition experts have shown that meat and fish are a source of protein nutrition. Moreover, they also contain nine amino acids. Of course, our body will need these nutrients for growth and development. Also, protein has many important functions. It helps the tissue growth and restores health in the body. Therefore, protein is one of the most important factors which we must supply adequately.


Need to provide enough protein from meat and fish to the body

In addition, meat and fish contain heme-iron. This iron is more useful than non-heme iron in the plant foods. As you know, iron is necessary for develop of muscle. Besides, oxidation of blood also depends on the iron a lot. According to the Organization of Recommended Dietary Allowance, they give an advice as follows:

  • For men, it is necessary to add at least 8 mg each day;
  • For women, they will need 18 mg per day;
  • For children, 10 mg each day is enough.
  1. Risk

Besides, meat and fish provide protein, amino acids, and iron for the body. However, depending on the types of meat they will have high in fat and cholesterol. So we should not consume more than 200 mg of fat and cholesterol for each day. If we consume too much these calories we can face the problem of the kidney disease. On the other hands, king mackerel and swordfish contain a lot of mercury. This mercury is not good for health. The Department of Health recommended that all pregnant women need to avoid these fish. They can be a cause of malformations in the fetus.

Important Nutritional Ingredients in Fish And Meat

With the information above, we must eat fish and meat in the right way. The needs of the body are important to consider. So you should know the important nutritional ingredients in them. You will not eat too much. This can be harmful to your health.

  1. Nutritional Ingredients in Meat
  • Meat contains several different vitamins. Some typical vitamins are vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6. Vitamin E has a role as an antioxidant. It will prevent the free radicals which they can damage the cells. While all vitamin B will work together they will convert your foods in the stomach into energy. Here are the functions of some vitamins which I just mention:
  • Vitamin B1 will promote the healthy muscles, nerves, and a healthy heart;
  • And vitamin B2 will produce the red blood cells for our health;
  • Besides, to have a good digestion, we need to add vitamin B3;
  • Finally, the body will use vitamin B6 to manufacture protein.


Some important ingredients in meat

  • The products from meat have minerals. They include iron, zinc, and magnesium. They are important and necessary for a healthy body.
  • Adequate protein will maintain the healthy muscle, the development of bones, skin, hair, organs. Also, the body needs protein to repair the damaged cells to produce the new cells. We will find protein in meat products.
  • Additionally, some types of meat have high unsaturated fat. It is the healthy fat. It will contribute to reducing LDL cholesterol levels and the blood pressure in the body;
  • Moreover, meat contains saturated fat. We should not eat a lot of meat like pork, lamb, and beef. Eating too much can make the high cholesterol and some cardiovascular disease.
  1. Nutritional Ingredients in Fish

Not only eating meat but also fish is the favorite food of many people. It is very delicious and provides a lot of food ingredients. You eat the plenty of fish. You do not know all nutritional ingredients in it. I will give the nutrition content in fish to you.

  • Fish provides a lot of protein and amino acids, and trace minerals. Especially, in fish fat, there are several vitamin A and D in the fish fat. They are good for the human health. Vitamin B content in fish is lower than meat. They also have acid folic, vitamin B12. Besides, the important protein in fish is albumin, globulin, and nucleoprotein.

Many necessary nutrients in fish meat

  • Minerals in fish are very good for the development in children. The important trace of minerals includes zinc, copper, and iodine. Iodine has a lot of sea fish.
  • Omega-3 is the unsaturated fat in fish. Some recent studies have proven that omega-3 fatty is good for our health. It can lower cholesterol levels, reduce triglycerides, and prevent the blood lipid effectively.
  • Finally, the water content in fish meat is relatively high. It is higher than all types of meat. Therefore, fish is easy to have microbial contamination. We need to store carefully.

In conclusion, meat and fish are two types of the popular foods in our meal. They bring benefits for our health when we use them appropriately. Their nutrition content in meat and fish will support for our development a lot. They can be a threat to health when you abuse them. You should add your knowledge some important nutritional ingredients in fish and meat. Then you will arrange the suitable nutritional diets for yourself. I think that this article shares the useful information in the culinary world of the human.