The Future of Business With Ray Anderson

It’s easy to overlook the amazing strides taken by businessmen like Ray Anderson who brings their souls to work and in this video Ray explores his path to understanding, action, success and serving people, the planet and the business world. Ray is the kind of man dedicating his life to redefining the petroleum “take, make, waste business model as a renewable, waste free and benign activity that will heal and restore life. And this is not just talk. Over the past 12 years since committing to this transformation, Ray’s company, Interface, has reduced greenhouse emissions by 82%, sales up 62% and earnings up 100%, fossil fuel use down 60% thanks to renewables, water usage down 75%, and taken 74,000 tons of carpets out of landfills by closing the manufacturing loop and sold 85 million yards of climate neutral carpet. Their new direct to consumer carpet tiles can be seen at

All proving its possible to do well by doing good and not a threat to profits but a contributor. And his sustainable business model helps attract the best and brightest who want to work and remain working with a company that integrates ethics, economics and ecology.

NPD will continue to monitor Ray’s Mission Zero (zero waste and pollution by 2020) in the coming days, months and years.