Important Nutritional Ingredients in Fish And Meat

Important nutritional ingredient in fish and meat

Important nutritional ingredient in fish and meat

Why do we eat fish and meat in our meals? Because they have high nutrient content they are very necessary for health. In fact, fish and meat contain some essential nutrients such as protein and iron. But some people are vegetarians they can not eat the products from the animals. In this time, they must supplement and combine a lot of different foods to get the same nutrients. You eat fish and meat every day. So do you know what types of nutritional values of them? It is extremely important to know. You should know the nutritional needs of your body. From there, you will add properly. To do this, you need to get the information relating to the nutrients in these foods. Now, I will introduce the important nutritional ingredients in fish and meat. This knowledge will be useful for your life because you will know how to adjust your daily nutrition. Please take the time to read it, right!

Benefits As Well As Risks of Eating Fish and Meat

Benefits and risks of eating fish and meat

Although there are a lot of nutrients in fish and meat they also exit both benefits and risks for the human health. To understand more this, you can look at the following explanation.

  1. Benefit

Nutrition experts have shown that meat and fish are a source of protein nutrition. Moreover, they also contain nine amino acids. Of course, our body will need these nutrients for growth and development. Also, protein has many important functions. It helps the tissue growth and restores health in the body. Therefore, protein is one of the most important factors which we must supply adequately.


Need to provide enough protein from meat and fish to the body

In addition, meat and fish contain heme-iron. This iron is more useful than non-heme iron in the plant foods. As you know, iron is necessary for develop of muscle. Besides, oxidation of blood also depends on the iron a lot. According to the Organization of Recommended Dietary Allowance, they give an advice as follows:

  • For men, it is necessary to add at least 8 mg each day;
  • For women, they will need 18 mg per day;
  • For children, 10 mg each day is enough.
  1. Risk

Besides, meat and fish provide protein, amino acids, and iron for the body. However, depending on the types of meat they will have high in fat and cholesterol. So we should not consume more than 200 mg of fat and cholesterol for each day. If we consume too much these calories we can face the problem of the kidney disease. On the other hands, king mackerel and swordfish contain a lot of mercury. This mercury is not good for health. The Department of Health recommended that all pregnant women need to avoid these fish. They can be a cause of malformations in the fetus.

Important Nutritional Ingredients in Fish And Meat

With the information above, we must eat fish and meat in the right way. The needs of the body are important to consider. So you should know the important nutritional ingredients in them. You will not eat too much. This can be harmful to your health.

  1. Nutritional Ingredients in Meat
  • Meat contains several different vitamins. Some typical vitamins are vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6. Vitamin E has a role as an antioxidant. It will prevent the free radicals which they can damage the cells. While all vitamin B will work together they will convert your foods in the stomach into energy. Here are the functions of some vitamins which I just mention:
  • Vitamin B1 will promote the healthy muscles, nerves, and a healthy heart;
  • And vitamin B2 will produce the red blood cells for our health;
  • Besides, to have a good digestion, we need to add vitamin B3;
  • Finally, the body will use vitamin B6 to manufacture protein.


Some important ingredients in meat

  • The products from meat have minerals. They include iron, zinc, and magnesium. They are important and necessary for a healthy body.
  • Adequate protein will maintain the healthy muscle, the development of bones, skin, hair, organs. Also, the body needs protein to repair the damaged cells to produce the new cells. We will find protein in meat products.
  • Additionally, some types of meat have high unsaturated fat. It is the healthy fat. It will contribute to reducing LDL cholesterol levels and the blood pressure in the body;
  • Moreover, meat contains saturated fat. We should not eat a lot of meat like pork, lamb, and beef. Eating too much can make the high cholesterol and some cardiovascular disease.
  1. Nutritional Ingredients in Fish

Not only eating meat but also fish is the favorite food of many people. It is very delicious and provides a lot of food ingredients. You eat the plenty of fish. You do not know all nutritional ingredients in it. I will give the nutrition content in fish to you.

  • Fish provides a lot of protein and amino acids, and trace minerals. Especially, in fish fat, there are several vitamin A and D in the fish fat. They are good for the human health. Vitamin B content in fish is lower than meat. They also have acid folic, vitamin B12. Besides, the important protein in fish is albumin, globulin, and nucleoprotein.

Many necessary nutrients in fish meat

  • Minerals in fish are very good for the development in children. The important trace of minerals includes zinc, copper, and iodine. Iodine has a lot of sea fish.
  • Omega-3 is the unsaturated fat in fish. Some recent studies have proven that omega-3 fatty is good for our health. It can lower cholesterol levels, reduce triglycerides, and prevent the blood lipid effectively.
  • Finally, the water content in fish meat is relatively high. It is higher than all types of meat. Therefore, fish is easy to have microbial contamination. We need to store carefully.

In conclusion, meat and fish are two types of the popular foods in our meal. They bring benefits for our health when we use them appropriately. Their nutrition content in meat and fish will support for our development a lot. They can be a threat to health when you abuse them. You should add your knowledge some important nutritional ingredients in fish and meat. Then you will arrange the suitable nutritional diets for yourself. I think that this article shares the useful information in the culinary world of the human.