New VillageTowns Site Launches

My friend and social visionary Claude Lewenz has updated his great VillageTown site and will soon publish VillageTowns: The Next Step, the latest book in his brilliant series that includes How to Build a Village and  Life Liberty and Happiness. Over the past few years, Claude has developed a beautiful vision of a diverse new paradigm community and lots of people around the world are exploring building a local VillageTown. I have little doubt that once the first one is constructed, they may well become the way all new towns are built.  Click here to visit his Village Forum site, read and watch videos, order his books and get into the conversation. Here is a brief overview of his vision taken from the first page of his site: A VillageTown is:

  • a town made of villages
  • each different, created by the people who will live there
  • a natural process of human growth and development

a complete community:

  • affordable, beautiful, durable, resilient
  • supportive of many different lifestyles
  • culturally & socially enriched
  • safe & empowered

with strong, diverse, wealthy local economy that enables people to enjoy a good life understood as the social pursuits of:

  • conviviality
  • citizenship
  • artistic, intellectual & spiritual growth.