ALERT: Must See Film, Genetic Roulette, Available for Free Viewing

Jeffrey M. Smith has made a film that lays out the compelling case against GMO. You can watch this powerful film free from September 15-22 and/or order the DVD and bonuses by clicking here.

I urge you to watch this powerful film as soon as possible and order a copy to help spread the word. The battle lines have been drawn in California for Prop 37′s mandatory labeling law and Monsanto, Coke and others are building a multi-million dollar war chest to fight it. The right to know what’s in our food may well be the most important battle of our lifetime. There are no GMO’s in Europe and there should be none in the US but at the very least we should join 50 other countries in labeling any products containing them.

Of course there are two ways to know for sure we are not buying GMO laced foods: buy certified organic or better yet, buy organic seeds and grow your own.