Sound as a Self-Optimizing & Healing Tool

We are all made of energy, surrounded by it in myriad forms and seek to balance this energy in our lives. Many of us have a sense that something is missing and that we don’t quite feel in tune. Exciting new research indicates that we are right and that part of the solution lies in the use of specific sounds and one’s voice to rebalance how we maintain our body’s wellness

In The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link, Dorinne Davis, presents a new paradigm in the integration of sound, vibration and energy. Her Davis Model of Sound Intervention℠ is a model for the 21st century that describes how by balancing the personal vibrational sound signature of each person, they can experience enhanced learning, development and wellness.  Ms Davis has discovered and named The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection, a previously unidentified subtle energy system that once balanced, allows each person to ‘hear’ what their body says it wants in that moment in time in order to feel better. The process supports a way for the body to begin a ‘self-healing’ approach to feeling better, thinking more clearly, processing what is heard more easily, feeling more alive, moving with more ease and less pain, communicating better, and much more.

Ms. Davis’ research proves that the flow of energy between one’s voice, ear and brain must stay in balance for each person to feel fully integrated and whole and provides a technique to do so. This missing energetic link allows each person to know what their body needs to feel better, and has been used successfully with people of all ages and on all issues. She has developed her model over the past 2o years.  Her work introduces a unique process that can be easily applied within the field of Alternative Medicine.

On December 1, 2012, The Cycle of Sound was honored as a finalist in the Alternative Medicine category of the 2012 USA Best Book Awards.

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About Dorinne Davis

Dorinne Davis is the President/Founder of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ., and is the author of five seminal books on her ground breaking work in the use of sound and voice to heal human systems.Ms. Davis is credentialed in 20 different sound-based therapies and her background as an audiologist, educator and sound therapist provides the foundation to The Davis Center’s unique “Total Person” approach.  The Davis Center is considered the world’s premier sound therapy center and Ms. Davis is recognized as the world’s leading sound-based therapist. She has worked with thousands of people, young and old, learning challenged and normal, making change with their response to sound using sound-based therapies and has received numerous awards and honors as a leader and business woman.  Her Davis Model of Sound Intervention has become a foundational approach to helping the body make appropriate change with sound-based therapies, and supports the best way to balance the subtle energy system known as The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection. To read more about this amazing healing sound pioneer, click here.

About The Davis Center

The Davis Center is the most comprehensive sound therapy center in the world and uses a unique Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP)to  identify core issues in the areas of learning, development and wellness for people of all ages.  The Center offers remedial and/ or enhancement therapies that address challenges related to Autism, ADD, ADHD, APD, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Downs Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, learning disabilities, central auditory processing (CAPD), other minor learning / attention / focus related skills, and health and wellness issues. To learn more about The Davis Center, visit www.thedaviscenter.


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