NPD Weekly: Issue 1

1. Extraordinary Three Kite Ballet

This is the art of flying kites at its finest. Enjoy below or click here to watch.

2. Let Go from

In a recent talk, a participant said, “I have a question.”

I replied, “Yes, what is it?”

He spoke for a long time. A long time. Finally, he said, “So that’s my confusion.”

I then said, “Well, if I had that question in my head, I would be confused also. I don’t think you’re confused. I think you’re just holding on to a confusing question. Why don’t you let it go? If you let it go, it probably won’t come back. You won’t be confused anymore. It doesn’t sound like a real question; it sounds like a habitual question. Break the habit. Let it go.”

3. A Global Values Shift is Underway

by John Thackara, a writer, speaker and design producer, and director of Doors of Perception. In addition to this blog, he is the author of twelve books including In The Bubble: Designing In A Complex World.

German Government Think-Tank Supports Fringe Change Agents

Good news from Germany: A ‘global transformation of values has already begun’. It’s proving tough to leverage changing attitudes into sustainable behaviour – but a transition to a more sustainable society ‘would be welcomed by a significant part of world society’.

In a 400-page report called World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability, the German Advisory Council on Climate Change (WGBU), the heavyweight scientific body that advises the German Federal Government on ‘Earth System Megatrends’, reviewed a wide-range of values surveys. A significant majority of the German population, it found, views growth and capitalism with scepticism and ‘does not believe in the resilience of Read More »

4.The Boy On The Lake
–by Trevor Schaefer

Children love their summer vacations. It’s a time when kids can be kids, without any thought given to schoolwork or even what day of the week it is. For kids, summer vacation is full of Saturdays. Whether this summer vacation could be the last is something that never would cross most children’s minds. That’s how it was for me, Trevor Schaefer, up until the Fall of 2002.

I’ll never forget my last carefree summer vacation: Boating with my friends on Payette Lake in my Eden-esque hometown of McCall, Idaho. Back then, I took for granted that I would have many more perfect summer vacations. I had just started playing football for my school team. I was finally ready to become a teenager.

Then, I started getting the headaches. Nothing too bad at first, but soon those minor headaches that were just an inconvenience turned to pounding and nausea-inducing. I had trouble with my vision and balance. My idyllic youth came to an end that fall with one sentence, “Trevor, you have brain cancer”. Now, I was a cancer kid and nothing would ever be the same.

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5. YouTube’s new Los Angeles complex ‘a wonderland’ for aspiring film-makers
Space LA fitted out with professional stages and technology for creators who have outgrown their bedrooms and garages

Rory Carroll in Los Angeles

It was the hangar which incubated Howard Hughes’s aviation dreams, each aircraft model more fanciful than the last, and half a century later it is the launchpad for another striking ambition: a new generation of slicker, better YouTube videos.

The video-sharing website has converted the 41,000 sq-foot Los Angeles complex into a state-of-the-art digital production hub to catapult selected creators into another league of quality video making.

Where engineers once made helicopters and the Spruce Goose airplane for its reclusive tycoon owner, camera crews, lighting technicians and editors are now producing and polishing videos for YouTube creators who previously worked out of bedrooms and garages.

“I think it’s a turning point for people to be able to make real shows on YouTube,” said Felicia Day, producer and co-creator of the the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, who has become one of the first to use the complex. “I think the next Spielberg or Hitchcock will be discovered somewhere like this. It’s an amazing platform.”

You can download You Tube’s Creator Playbook with tips for making great videos here.

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6.The Unreasonable Institute

We accelerate ventures that will define progress in our time. Annually we unite 25 high-impact entrepreneurs from around the world in Boulder, CO for 6-weeks. There we provide world-class mentorship, access to seed capital, intensive skill training, a global network of support, & international exposure.

7. Gravity LIght

Here is a very cool project that provides light with no batteries and eliminates the need to burn toxic kerosine in countries where that is their only source of light. Check it out and if you’d like to help the project and receive one of these gravity lights, you can check out how here.


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