NPD Weekly: Issue 2

1. Cancer Shmancer

Well known actress Fran Drescher overcame ovarian cancer and has become an activist launching her website to alert the world to the perils of cancer causing toxins in our home environment. With babies umbilical cords today containing almost 300 chemicals, many untested, its time to alert the world and act. Beyond the alert and action ideas, Fran has championed a bi-partiison bill in the US House of Representatives that would create a government seal for carcinogen-free products (HR 6601: The Carcinogen Label Act of 2012). The bill is not likely to pass due to the businesses who like Monsanto object to people knowing what’s in their food and all other products but indicates exactly what we the people must demand from manufacturers. All products should be held accountable before they go on the market rather than after they have caused many cancers and deaths. If the government does not pass this bill, lets hope some enterprising entrepreneur takes up the cause. To listen Cancer consultant Grace Gawler’s interview with Fran here, click here.

2. A Grain of Sand

In the midst of living our lives in high density communities and cities, most of us have dreamed of living on an island at one point in our lives and the vast majority of us may have or will visit an island sometime in our lives but fewer will move to one and far fewer will buy one and become its caretaker for over 100 giant land tortoises, planting 16,000 trees, creating miles of paths and generally enjoying their life for 34 years. This is the fascinating story of Brendon Grimshaw, the man who lived his dream and does so to this day. The film’s pace reflects life on the island which is spacious and peaceful and its cinematography beautifully captures the details of Brendon’s fascinating life. Few films provide the deep insights and sense of place A Grain of Sand does. I suggest you consider taking a one hour vacation from your busyness and travel to Moyenne Island in the Seychelles for an immersion in a different way of life. This film transports the viewer to an unusual place, its energy and sense of time and a consciousness that speaks in a different language than we are use to. It’s the language of a man at peace and in tune with himself and the natural world. A rare treat in todays hectic and disconnected world. Enjoy your magical journey.

Note: A few days ago, Brendon passed on and thankfully his legacy will live on as a gift to future generations through the designation of Moyenne Island as part of the Seychelle’s National Park system and this documentary. Brendon will inspire me for the rest of my life.

Watch below or click here to begin your vacation.

3. Birds of Paradise Project

While we are exploring the domain of nature. the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic brought the Birds-of-Paradise Project to the public through a tabletop book, an exhibit and a documentary. Here is a link to the trailer which is amazing.

4. What’s the Future of the Sharing Economy?Craig Shapiro, FastCo.Exist

Businesses that connect users for the purposes of sharing housing, vehicles, services, and more are becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, a business called the Collaborative Fund exists to invest solely in businesses with model based in collaboration. This business is truly on the cutting edge of the sharing economy, which, as it grows, is finding ways to solve problems and improve resource performance in unanticipated ways. Shapiro illustrates how, as the sharing economy makes its way into more and more industries, we will start to see how or if our current models of business, regulation, and governance keep pace.

5. Reality Check

The social media revolution has changed everything. If you are in business you need to know the latest facts and if not, you might find this video fascinating.

6. Fantastic Fungi:The Spirit of Good

Paul Stamets is a mycologist whose work with mushrooms is at the leading edge of the transformation of consciousness in our relationship with the earth. In this beautiful documentary clip, you’ll gain an insight into the mind of this amazing man whose life is 100% in service to the earth and the evolution of consciousness. I can’t wait to see the finished film from Louis Schwartzberg. Watch the clip below or click here.

7. Living on $1 a Day

Two college students decided to go to Guatemala to live among the poorest who like billions of others live on $1 a day. This is their story.  Click here or watch below

8. Undriving

There is a program in Seattle, WA that wants to teach you to become an “Undriver”. Using creative methods to brainstorm and implement different ways to cut down on driving trips, their mission is to challenge people to reduce car trips in any way, shape or form.

Over 70% of the newly licensed “undrivers” say they established a new pattern in commuting.

How about just getting in the habit of inviting your neighbor to join you on trips to the grocery store?

What a great change for the New Year!


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