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Event Alert: UPLIFT 2012

From December 20th through the 23rd, Jamie and I are excited to be attending UPLIFT 2012 in Byron Bay, Australia, a celebration of love, peace, oneness and co-creation as part of this transformational festival. The weekend will feature outstanding speakers including futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, science and spirituality integrator Bruce Lipton, mycologist Paul Stamets, physician, social activist, citizen diplomat, clown and author, Patch Adams, author and filmmaker Helena Norbert Hodge, indigenous elders, and an eclectic mix of talented dancers, musicians including sound healer Jonathan Goldman, artists, and poets. What a wonderful way to celebrate the climax of the 5,125 year Mayan cycle and the acceleration of the new paradigm wisdom culture.

Our time will be spent together sharing, discovering and deepening our role as co-creators of this compassionate new paradigm world. More than a symposium, UPLIFT 2012 is a participatory event that supports our deep understanding that each of us is the change, that it is within and connects us all beginning now. The festival will include perspectives from science, wellness, art, ecology, new economics, indigenous culture and the wisdom of youth.

UPLIFT 2012 will be broadcast to an international audience via live streaming and will also serve as one of the anchor hubs for the global event Birth2012, founded by leading evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard that will unite a massive global audience on December 22nd (www.birth2012.com).

To view interviews and the trailer for UPLIFT, please click here.

Given that Byron Bay, Australia is one of the most eastern points in Western civilization, it will be the first continent to welcome the light of this new chapter of global cooperation and co-creativity.

To view the program and order tickets if you will be in Australia during that time, please visit the festival website, upliftfestival.com. If you will not be in Australia, you will be able to enjoy the festival via the web link, birth 2012 above.


Declaration of Oneness Consciousness

Sixteen Hallmarks of the New Consciousness
by Ervin Laszlo with Gyorgyi Szabo

1. I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.

2. I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet.

3. I am part of society, and society is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with my fellow humans. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the community of humans on the planet.

Gyorgyi: With the consciousness that arose in me, my life has taken on new meaning. I will never be lonely again, never feel alone. Because I am not alone and disconnected, I am an essential part of everybody and everything around me. I am one with the world, and have always been, even if with my earlier, and now discarded duality-consciousness I did not know it.

4. I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body, and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and evolving in interaction with everything around me.

5. I am one of the highest, most evolved manifestations of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the universe. All systems drive toward coherence and wholeness in interaction with all other systems, and my essence is this cosmic drive. It is the same essence, the same spirit that is inherent in all the things that arise and evolve in nature, whether on this planet or elsewhere in the infinite reaches of space and time.

Gyorgyi: I evolve and I am master of my evolution. But this is not a separate, me-only evolution: it is a co-evolution with everyone and everything around me. How I evolve is part of how they evolve, and how they evolve is part of my evolution. I co-evolve with people and with all life on the planet. I co-evolve with the universe, and the universe co-evolves with me. In this wholeness I am a small but not insignificant part—I am a master of the co-evolution of the whole planet.

6. There are no absolute boundaries and divisions in this world, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence- and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent. Beyond my body other relations gain prevalence: those that drive toward coherence and wholeness in society and in nature.

7. The separate identity I attach to other humans and other things is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much “me” as the organs of my body. My body and mind, my family and my community, are interacting and interpenetrating, variously prevalent elements in the network of relations that encompasses all things in nature and the human world.

8. The whole gamut of concepts and ideas that separates my identity, or the identity of any person or community, from the identity of other persons and communities are manifestations of this convenient but arbitrary convention. There are only gradients distinguishing individuals from each other and from their environment and no real divisions and boundaries. There are no “others” in the world: we are all living systems and we are all part of each other.

Gyorgyi: With my wholeness-consciousness I realize that not only am I not separate from the world around me, I know that nobody is. The entire concept of separation is a false, illusory concept. When we act with that concept in mind we divide the unity of the world, segment its wholeness into bits and pieces. Our ego divides us, but our body does not follow suit – it acts in coherence with the whole Earth. I am part of the Earth, part of the larger whole that is the world in its totality—an almost invisible but real and inseparable part of it.

9. Attempting to maintain the system I know as “me” through ruthless competition with the system I know as “you” is a grave mistake: it could damage the integrity of the embracing whole that frames both your life and mine. I cannot preserve my own life and wholeness by damaging that whole, even if damaging a part of it seems to bring me short-term advantage. When I harm you, or anyone else around me, I harm myself.

10. Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for empathy and solidarity, and ultimately for love. I do not and cannot love myself if I do not love you and others around me: we are part of the same whole and so are part of each other.

11. The idea of “self-defense” even of “national defense,” needs to be rethought. Patriotism if it aims to eliminate adversaries by force, and heroism even in the well-meaning execution of that aim, are mistaken aspirations. A patriot and a hero who brandishes a sword or a gun is an enemy also to himself. Every weapon intended to hurt or kill is a danger to all. Comprehension, conciliation and forgiveness are not signs of weakness; they are signs of courage.

Gyorgyi: I am part of a community called humanity, and my country is the Earth. My immediate and real family is everybody in my community and in my country. Everything I do reflects not just on me, but on everybody in this community, whether they live next to me or far away. I reflect consciously on how I live and what I do, because everything I think and do affects all the others. Hurting anybody no matter for what reason hurts me, and healing and making anybody whole heals me and makes me whole.

12. “The good” for me and for every person in the world is not the possession and accumulation of personal wealth. Wealth, in money or in any material resource, is but a means for maintaining myself in my environment. As exclusively mine, it commandeers part of the resources that all things need to share if they are to live and to thrive. Exclusive wealth is a threat to all people in the human community. And because I am a part of this community, in the final count it is a threat also to me, and to all who hold it.

13. Beyond the sacred whole we recognize as the world in its totality, only life and its development have what philosophers call intrinsic value; all other things have merely instrumental value: value insofar as they add to or enhance intrinsic value. Material things in the world, and the energies and substances they harbor or generate, have value only if and insofar they contribute to life and wellbeing in the web of life on this Earth.

Gyorgyi: My life, and the life of everyone in my community and my country, is the highest value, far higher than any other kind of wealth counted in money and material possessions. My possessions do not bring me pleasure or benefit if they harm others, make them unhappy, or diminish their chance for wholeness and fulfillment. The value of all things depends on what they do to my life, and since my life is part of everybody else’s life, on what they do to all other people’s lives.

14. Every healthy person has pleasure in giving: it is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. The true measure of my accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give. Not the amount of what I give is the measure of my accomplishment and excellence, but the relation between what I give, and what my family and I need to live and to thrive.

15. A community that values giving over having is a community of healthy people, oriented toward thriving through empathy, solidarity, and love among its members. Sharing enhances the community of life, while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition, and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all the communities of life on the planet; the have-society is typical only of modern-day humanity, and it is an aberration.

Gyorgyi: A life dedicated to hoarding and collecting what others or nature can give me is not a life worth living. The pleasure it gives is short-lived and paltry, compared to the satisfaction I feel when I can give to others something that comes genuinely from me. Only when I give do I feel myself happy and fulfilled, part of the wholeness I form in my community and my country.

16. I acknowledge my role and responsibility in evolving a planetary consciousness in me, and by example in others around me. I have been part of the aberration of human consciousness in the modern age, and now wish to become part of the evolution that overcomes the aberration and heals the wounds inflicted by it. This is my right as well as my duty, as a conscious member of a conscious species on a precious and now critically endangered planet.

Gyorgyi: I now realize that I am an integral part of the world, a member of the human and the Earth community. I live my life, but the life I live is not only my life: it is the life of the entire human and Earth community. I live it the best way I can. This is not a choice for me; it is a duty. Even more than a duty, it is simply the way I am, a human being endowed with a consciousness of oneness and belonging.

How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world! Anne Frank

You are invited to join a 90 minute complimentary call with Ervin Laszlo, Gyorgyi Szabo, Anakha Coman and Steve Farrell on Thursday, December 6th at 8:30am Pacific (Los Angeles, USA), 9:30am Mountain (Denver, USA), 10:30am Central (Chicago, USA) and 11:30am Eastern (New York, USA) or use time zone converter http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html . They will be discussing Ervin Laszlo’s (with Gyorgyi Szabo) “Declaration of Oneness Consciousness” (below) inspired by our recent Global Oneness Day Telesummit event.

Ervin Laszlo is the Founder & President of the Club of Budapest and is the recipient of four honorary Ph.D’s and numerous awards and distinctions, including the 2001 Goi Peace Award, the 2005 Mandir Peace Prize and has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Click on this link to register for the call: http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/ZRR893IFK42Y6J6 Once you have registered for the call, you will receive dial-in information. You will also receive a link to listen to the webcast via the Internet, should you prefer to listen to the call on your computer. This same webcast link will be the link which you can click on to listen to the recording after the live call is over.


Awakened World 2012

My friend Barbara Nussbaum attended Awakened World 2012 held in Florence, Italy and offers this illuminating report the gathering.

Learning to See in a Wholly Holy Way

Awakened World 2012 ,was recently convened and hosted in Italy by three American organizations. I learned about the conference through the Association of Global New Thought, one of the sponsoring organizations. . 240 participants came from more than 15 countries – from almost every continent. There were social activists from Sri Lanka and Mexico, Buddhist teachers from Korea, Tibet and China; University Professors from Iran and Iowa, Arizona and Georgia; Rabbis from Israel and Belgium, Muslims from Malaysia, and Pakistan; Hindus; New Thought Practitioners; authors, therapists, ministers, film makers, peacemakers, youth workers, leadership experts, educators, ecologists, entrepreneurs from the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, Ghana and India. The theme was “Engaged Spirituality for the 21st Century” and the intention was to enroll delegates from all over the world in dialogues to define and refine what it means to foreground spirituality as a catalytic force for global transformation.

The conference was unique in design, bold in vision and amplified by the consciousness, soulfulness and diversity of people who came. I have seldom experienced the degree of “mutual irradiation” in such authentic, gentle and generative encounters between people of so many different faiths. In a short pamphlet, Douglas Steere, a Quaker described the meaning of “mutual irradiation” in the context of interfaith dialogue. This mutuality happens when “each (religion) is willing to expose itself with great openness to the inward message of the other, as well as to share its own experience and to trust that whatever is the truth in each experience will irradiate and deepen the experience of the other.”

Rarely have I been in gatherings where the mutual irradiation happened so effortlessly. Delegates were invited to focus on how we saw signs of change, how we noticed systemic shifts, how we applied evolutionary change in practical engagement and how we were embodying the spiritual and cultural evolutionary shifts of our lived experience. Intellectual, spiritual and emotional integration and transformation took place within my own being, through song, story, personal connection and conversation.

To continue reading, click here.

Barbara Nussbaum is an author, coach, and a creative consultant living in South Africa.


McKibben Launches US Tour

Bill McKibben begins his 23 city Math 350 US tour in Seattle tomorrow. He will travel in a sustainable bus and be joined by a rotating cast of committed artists, actors, and musicians — each dedicated to spreading the message of the challenge before us. Every event will be a full evening of music, interactive video, and thought-provoking ideas. By the time audeince members leave, they’ll be fired up and equipped with the tools, strategies, and resources they need to take on the fossil fuel industry. For more info, visit math.350.org.


Celebrate Global Oneness Day

We live in a world of separation, of us vs them and, there is something far more powerful, the underlying unity we share with each other, the earth and all of life. We can easily forget that when overwhelmed by life’s many challenges or world events. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate our oneness and again this year that’s possible thanks to Global Oneness Day, a virtual telesummit gathering with Neale Donald Walsch, Ken Wilber, Jack Canfield, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne Twist, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many more — all coming together to celebrate the oneness of life.

This year it’s happening on Wednesday, October 24th and will feature profound insights, prayers, music and meditation to connect us to the feeling tone of that sense of connection and belonging within a heart centered global community.

I hope you are able to join me for this beautiful transformational event that celebrates the oneness of all life!

Free registration: http://globalonenesssummit.com

Help spread the consciousness of Oneness by forwarding this message to your network.